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IR Global Member Firm since 2018

International Advisory Experts Award 2019

International Advisory Experts announced at the end of 2018, that we were been successfully chosen as a winners of  2019 International Advisory Experts Award in Pharmaceutical Law –  Colombia.


Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year 2018

Founder Partner and Director of A&C Legal, was a recipient of the Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2018, after a selection process thought a votes from the readership database, that was adhered to the following ten point criteria when selecting from the final shortlisted candidates;

  1. The number of vote nominations received
  2. Supporting material, covering statements and evidence supplied
  3. Amount of documented activity in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers
  4. Involvement in significant transactions
  5. Expertise and innovation
  6. Innovation in client care
  7. Size (value) of involvement within transactions & deals
  8. Peer recognition and personal achievement
  9. Strategic thinking and planning
  10. Previous accolades and published literature


Adriana Posada – Notable Practitioner in Banking – IFLR1000 2019

Adriana Posada, Founder Partner and Director of A&C Legal,  was included as Notable Practitioner in Banking, in IFLR1000 2019- The guide to the world’s leading financial law firms,  published on November 2nd 2018.

About IFLR1000. 

IFLR1000 is the only international legal directory focused on ranking law firms and lawyers on the basis financial and corporate transactional work. IFLR1000 has been researching legal markets for 29 years with an experienced research team based in London, New York and Hong Kong.

IFLR1000 is part of Euromoney Institutional Investor, one of the world’s largest financial publishers and provides market-leading information online and in print for in-house counsel, private practice lawyers and industry leaders.

IFLR1000 2019 in numbers

  • Firm rankings for more than 120 jurisdictions
  • More than 14,000 rated lawyer profiles
  • More than2,000 firm reviews
  • More than 1,800 ranking changes
  • 1,200 rated lawyer changes
  • More than 53,000 client referees contacted

About IFLR1000 Methodology

IFLR1000’s research team select leading firms based on a mix of transactional evidence, peer feedback and client feedback.

A&C Legal: A Pioneer for the Future of Corporate Law

In September 2018, A&C Legal were named the Best for M&A Law in Colombia, in the Law Firm of the Year Awards, hosted by Wealth and Finance International Magazine («W&F»).

We are so glad to share with all of you the text of the article that was published by W&F last October.

«A&C Legal is a pioneering firm working within the incorporation of green practices, the empowerment of women, and the development of a responsible, positive lifestyle for lawyers. In September, A&C Legal were named the Best for M&A Law in Colombia, in the Law Firm of the Year Awards, hosted by Wealth & Finance International Magazine. On the back of that deserved achievement, we spoke to Adriana Posada, the Partner, Founder and Director of A&C Legal, to find out more about this remarkable firm.

Since 2009, A&C Legal have been setting the standard in corporate law, acting as a pace-setter for an industry in need of a guiding hand, a firm to set the benchmark for ethical practice. Today, through their revolutionary approach, A&C Legal celebrate a peerless reputation in professionalism and ecological consciousness.

From the outset, Adriana asserts that this has always been A&C Legal’s mission – to become a reference point for other firms to imitate and follow. “Our deep knowledge of our clients, their industries and their operations (including Logistics, Contracts, HR, Regulatory, and Finance), allows us to provide legal support in a large variety of legal aspects, and direct M&A or reorganisation processes. Our solid strategies and structured plans guarantee that these kinds of complex transactions can be carried out on time, and without disruption.”

Adriana continues, emphasising the unique approach that A&C Legal adopt for their work. “At A&C Legal, we provide innovative and timely legal assistance, as well as paralegal solutions, at a reasonable cost. Above all, we inspire companies and organizations to embrace visionary practices, whether that means achieving sustainability by integrating green-efficient practices or engaging in corporate diplomacy. We set an example for our clients by adopting policies that contribute to our community by reducing utility and energy consumption, empowering women, contributing to the closure of the gender gap, integrating animals as part of our teams, and promoting their sustainable integration of work and home life in the legal industry.” The majority of A&C Legal’s clients come from the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, mining and industrial sectors – all high-profile industries with strict regulation and legal requirements.

The topic of conversation soon turns to the state of the legal industry in A&C Legal’s home country of Colombia. Adriana takes a moment to explain the atmosphere in the country as A&C Legal look to capitalise on the changes occurring in the foreseeable future. “Colombia faces a new political climate. During the last eight years, the political party now in government led the opposition to a number of governmental policies. Therefore, it is foreseeable that some changes introducing modifications to existing regulations may occur soon. As a forward-looking firm, we work to anticipate legislative changes that are expected to materialize in the short, medium, and long-term. This helps ensure that our clients will be able to easily adapt to and comply with any new obligations these legislative changes create.”  

By all regards, innovation and foresight play an important role in keeping A&C Legal ahead of emerging developments; “We are a law firm interested in innovation, from philosophical perspective to technological approach. This keeps us on the edge of breaking trends and new developments and allows us to use the best of those to our clients’ advantage. Working as an in-house legal department for leading biotech companies, for example, allows us to be a part of the evolution and expansion of their business, as well as to be aware of the industry’s new developments.”        

In her closing comments, Adriana speaks of the future of A&C Legal, and how they plan to reinforce their unique position on the corporate landscape. “We are a boutique law firm proud to count on the loyalty of our clients, who have been with us for a long period of time. According to them, they value our innovative approach, and feel confident and supported within the panoramic accompaniment of services we provide them. Through our services, they can focus entirely on their business, and unleash the full potential of their teams; while receiving the best service they can expect from an international law firm, but with a personalised touch”. Ultimately, A&C Legal want to continue on this path, serving their clients to the best of their considerable ability».


Adriana Posada Velásquez, leading in Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions in Colombia

The Latin American Association of Corporate Lawyers – LACCA, for its acronym in English – one of the most important references for legal practice in the region, revealed the ranks of leading lawyers in different specialties for 2019.

Adriana Posada Velásquez, Founding Partner and Director of our firm, appears for sixth consecutive year, as one of the most voted lawyers in the practice of Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A), among 439 lawyers nominated in 21 countriesShe occupies the fourth position in the Colombian market and the seventh in the regional ranking.


Porqué me inspiran las carreras de autos en equipo

Porqué me inspiran las carreras automovilísticas en equipo, donde varios  pilotos corren el mismo carro?

Porque además del trabajo de equipo propio de cualquier deporte, que implica el ejercicio de la sumatoria de individualidades (preparación física, agudeza mental, control del miedo, manejo del riesgo, toma de decisiones, aceptación del otro y de los errores del otro y propios, capacidad de adaptación y de recuperación, por mencionar sólo algunas), implica también la preparación de la máquina, siendo esto último fundamental para cumplir el objetivo inicial que no es otro que terminar la carrera.

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A&C Legal Sponsor of the Pharmaceutical Forum

In accordance with our commitment to encourage the understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the Health Sector in Colombia, which allows us to provide a better legal service to the Pharmaceutical Sector, for the second consecutive year we sponsored and attended the Pharmaceutical Forum organized by the Andi.


BanRep modifies Circular DCIN-83

El pasado 26 de julio de 2017 el Banco de la República modificó  la Circular Reglamentaria DCIN-83, reduciendo a seis meses el término para la solicitud de sustitución del registro de inversiones directas de capital exterior, la solicitud de cancelación del registro de inversiones directas y la solicitud de cancelación del registro de inversiones colombianas en el exterior. Además, modificó el procedimiento de registro de  anticipos para futuras capitalizaciones, constituyendo ahora endeudamiento externo.

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A&C Legal sponsor of the Colombian motor racing

In 2016 A&C sponsored to JPMS team and to our driver Andrés Arriola. They obtained the third place in the National Championship of Motorsports and the third place in the International Race 6 hours of Bogotá.